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Doozie will locate all the hottest deals and local offers to you instantly. With smart location search built in, save on the spot when eating out, buying groceries, looking for electronics.

Unlike Coupon sites or bulk buying sites, take advantage of discounts, deals, hottest local information and promotions without having to buy on Doozie.  Download the free app and take advantage of the offers instantly.  Don’t miss out on coupons and discounts on your purchases. Let Doozie tell you if there is a discount available right where you are shopping.


Want to be spontaneous?  Doozie easily locates great daily deals for you to take advantage of.




    • Get local deals where you are
    • Share your deals with your friends and social network
    • Locate deals in other cities
    • Search between locations
    • Browse deals by categories
    • Search for coupons or promos
    • No need for printing or clipping, show the deal to the vendor


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Everyone on the Doozie Network helps to locate the best deals and shares them instantly, making it easier to find the right deal at the right time. Watch out for the Doozie logo at restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Fitness locations and more, and take advantage of savings on everyday products and services.  Best of all there's no need to clip coupons or print out emails just show the deal to the vendor on the spot.


You'll see many different types of Deals including deals for discounted products, free merchandise, rewards, promotions, and of course the Hottest Doozie deals.


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